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    Crafted from quartersawn Japanese cedar, the body of this drum is stave-constructed in the style of a Japanese barrel. The pitch of this instrument can be changed by adjusting the rope tension. The body of this drum is much longer and generally of a larger diameter than an Eitetsu-style Okedo. The bachi for this drum are typically long and crafted from split bamboo.
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    (including tax)
    2尺(60cm) 360,800yen
    2尺1寸(63cm) 387,200yen
    2尺2寸(66cm) 434,500yen
    2尺3寸(69cm) 479,600yen
    2尺4寸(72cm) 535,700yen
    2尺5寸(75cm) 619,300yen
    2尺6寸(78cm) 664,400yen
    2尺7寸(81cm) 701,800yen
    2尺8寸(84cm) 804,100yen
    2尺9寸(87cm) 859,100yen
    3尺(90cm) 1,016,400yen
    3尺1寸(93cm) 1,108,800yen
    3尺2寸(96cm) 1,201,200yen
    3尺3寸(99cm) 1,386,000yen
    3尺4寸(102cm) 1,422,300yen
    3尺5寸(105cm) 1,478,400yen
    3尺6寸(108cm) 1,505,900yen
    3尺7寸(111cm) 1,533,400yen
    3尺8寸(114cm) 1,570,800yen
    3尺9寸(117cm) 1,663,200yen
    4尺(120cm) 1,755,600yen
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