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Asano Taiko crafts all aspects of our instruments from start to finish. Asano Taiko was founded by taiko maker Saemongoro in 1609. Saemongoro was summoned from Harima (today's Hyogo Prefecture) by the Kaga clan, and founded Asano Taiko in Fukutomi, Ishikawa village (today's Fukudome in Hakusan City).
Since that time, Asano Taiko has produced taiko and tsuzumi for Nohgaku and Gagaku, as well as saddles for equestrian arts, and has promoted the performing and military arts of the Kaga clan. Even though the times have changed, our traditional skills continue to be passed down even as we strive to develop the knowledge to meet changing demands.
Throughout the generations the sound of the taiko has been the thread that connects the hearts and skill of Asano Craftmen with that of the performers to the present day. By loving the spirit of the trees, and by communicating with the wood, Asano Taiko has continued to spin that thread.
In 1998, Asano Taiko completed the world's largest taiko, the culmination of 400 years of skill and tradition. To pass on the taiko sound to the future-the sound which has excited the hearts of those who hear it from ancient times- Asano Taiko continues to make wadaiko with all their heart.
From cutting the tree and shipping the bole to finishing the body, lacquering, and tacking, the experienced master craftsmen of Asano Taiko handcraft instruments that will meet your highest expectations.

    Asano Taiko U.S. is a full-service taiko facility located in Torrance, California.
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