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Uchiwa- Taiko

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    A head is stretched over a ring and handle is attached. Used in Bon Dancing, and in Kabuki-bayashi, etc.
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    Size Price
    7号(21cm) 13,200yen
    8号(24cm) 17,600yen
    9号(27cm) 19,800yen
    10号(30cm) 22,000yen
    11号(33cm) 25,300yen
    12号(36cm) 30,800yen
    13号(39cm) 37,400yen
    14号(42cm) 40,700yen
    15号(45cm) 46,200yen
    16号(48cm) 56,100yen
    18号(54cm) 90,200yen
    20号(60cm) 115,500yen
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