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4 Foot Stand

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    A stable 4 foot stand.
    This stand can be played side ways as well.
    Prices listed as below:
  • Size / Price

    Size Without caster
    (including tax)
    With caster
    (including tax)
    1尺(30cm) 37,400yen 48,400yen
    1尺3寸(39cm) 42,900yen 53,900yen
    1尺4寸(42cm) 51,700yen 66,000yen
    1尺5寸(45cm) 61,600yen 79,200yen
    1尺6寸(48cm) 70,400yen 88,000yen
    1尺7寸(51cm) 81,400yen 99,000yen
    1尺8寸(54cm) 99,000yen 116,600yen
    1尺9寸(57cm) 121,000yen 138,600yen
    2尺(60cm) 139,700yen 157,300yen
    2尺1寸(63cm) 151,800yen 172,700yen
    2尺2寸(66cm) 167,200yen 188,100yen
    2尺3寸(69cm) 177,100yen 198,000yen
    2尺4寸(72cm) 198,000yen 220,000yen
    2尺5寸(75cm) 214,500yen 235,400yen
    2尺6寸(78cm) 204,000yen 223,000yen
    2尺7寸(81cm) 235,400yen 261,800yen
    2尺8寸(84cm) 245,300yen 277,200yen
    2尺9寸(87cm) 257,400yen 284,900yen
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